Application Procedures

The following are the most common application procedures, although IN2HOLLAND is not limited to these areas:

The application for an employment based work permit for salaried employees, apprentices and/or trainees.
The application for a temporary entrance clearance visa (MVV), required prior to application for a temporary residence permit. Most foreign nationals are required to obtain a MVV before entering the Netherlands.
Applications for residence permits fall into the following categories:
  > Highly skilled migrant workers
  > Salaried employees
  > Students
  > Apprenticeships
  > Internships
  > Family reunification
The application for business and return visas. Several nationalities require a business visa prior to entering the Netherlands.
Generally, a residence permit is issued for a period of one year. IN2HOLLAND will apply for permit extensions avoiding any interruption in resident status.
In cases where a residence status should change, we will provide you with information, direction and assistance in the submission of an application for an adjustment to ensure continued lawful resident status.

IN2HOLLAND is dedicated to its clients offering the highest level of service by facilitating and expediting submission of completed application forms to the Dutch authorities.

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